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Liberator Brewing Company 218 S. Main St. Rockland , Maine.

In the heart of Midcoast Maine. Experience the new age of craft Brewing. 

Our Hand Crafted Small batch Beers
All of our hand-crafted beers are made in very small batches putting the Micro back in Micro Brewing. We use Maine Locally sourced ingredients from small Maine Suppliers and Artisan's for all our hand-crafted products. Call us old school, our brewing process follows tried and true traditional brewing methods with no automation process, unfiltered, no added adjuncts or sugars and all-natural carbonation. We also serve Artisan Locally sourced wines and our own hand-crafted organic sodas. Stop in and try a Sample flight of our small batch beer or a pint. Also, available, wines, Hard Setzler's, Mexican Mules, Rouge Sprits and other delish beverages.
 Maine Organic Soda's and locally sourced light fare.
Also available for take home, 32ounce Growlers or a four pack of cans.
Our Crafted Beers.
Some of our craft offerings are seasonal-
Swagger IPA-
Our American Style IPA. Brewed to the style of a true west coast style IPA. Assertively hopped with out being over baring with a dry clean crisp finish.
ABV 6.2 % IBU's 78
Throttle Back Summer Ale-
A unique Ale brewed for the summer season, Full bodied while being very drinkable with a clean crisp finish with a slight taste of citrus.
The Roads are Better India Pale Ale-
Our English style IPA brewed for the celebration of our much-needed road construction thought South Maine St. 
Using selected Local malts, Fuggles and Columbus hops with a true English yeast strain. nice hop bite without being overly bitter with the malt character to back up this fine Ale, creating a wonderful balance of Malt to Hops.  

Tango Down Kolsch- A term coined after a confirmed aerial combat kill, or downed enemy aircraft. Tango Down Kolsch is brewed in the true Kolsch tradition, using Maine grown pilsner and Wheat malts, and an authentic pure strain of Kolsch yeast form Cologne Germany. A light-colored ale but yet full bodied and low hop bitterness with a dry crisp finish creating a very seasonal drinkable craft beer. Kolsch style of Ale has been sort of a lost style in America after WWII, however the style has been gaining much popularity in the US due to the increasing demand for European beer styles. Kolsch is still to this day one of the the only few Ales brewed in Germany. 4.4% ABV  23 IBUs.

Air Screw -Pale Ale. Our single hop Mosaic pale Ale.

A West Cost Style American Pale Ale brewed with a combination of US 2row Pale malt, Pilsner malt, wheat malt and rolled oats while utilizing single hop Mosaic addition. creating a wonderful balance of hop to malt profile and creating a slightly hop forward Ale to the palette with a tantalizing floral aroma of fruit and citrus. and clean finish.

The addition of the rolled oats in the mash creates a delicate smooth finish and full boded mouthfeel, with just enough hop profile to stimulate one's taste profile. 

4.9 ABV  65IBUs


 Frozen on the stick-IPA- A true to style west coast style IPA (India Pale Ale.) Assertively hopped ale with a wonderful hop floral aroma and perfectly balanced malt to hop flavor with a crisp hoppy dry finish. A true west coast style IPA! Using a classic American yeast strain paired with 2 Row malts malted in Maine and hops grown right here in Maine creating a unique style IPA. 6.2% ABV 78 IBUs. 

Dead Eye Red-A true to style Irish Red Ale, brewed to celebrate the Saint Patrick’s Day Season. Complex malt flavors with a hint of chocolate and roasted specialty malts. Using traditional malts and hops from Maine and the UK. Reddish hue in color, smooth and very drinkable! Brewed Seasonally. 5.3% ABV  30


Belle Wringer- Our traditional English brown Ale-using English pale and specialty roasted malts in combination with a true English yeast strain creates a dark brown ruby colored smooth semi sweet brown Ale, sure to delight all full-bodied darker beer lovers. The aroma of English hops and toasted malt notes come to play with a smooth slight semi sweet malt finish. Well balanced and delicious. 6.2% ABV  36 IBUs.

O’ Dark 30- Stout – A unique Stout, brewed with traditional British malt and hops, while using a unique English yeast strain during the fermentation process, but what makes this special Ale stand out from the crowd, is the addition of locally roasted espresso coffee beans from Rock City Roasters in Rockland, Maine creating a mocha like smooth feature to this beer, with an up-front roasted ness and a delightful finish of chocolate malts and smooth espresso coffee! Not has heavy has most hand-crafted stouts, but full bodied and loaded with flavor, makes your taste buds beg for another! Anyone that served in the military and or Air force is well aware of what O’ Dark Thirty stands for. 5% ABV 35 IBUs



AXIS NIGHT-. Named after a B25 Liberator Bomber which has been resorted to its original flying glory and owned by The Tri-State Warbird Museum, B-25 "Axis Nightmare.

You might have seen this beauty flown at one of the many war bird air shows across the US, Piloted by Paul Redlich and Phillip Rountree co-pilot.

A very special dark Ale brewed in the English strong ale tradition to celebrate the holiday seasons, this ale is brewed seasonally with specialty Belgium and American malts using locally grown hops, with a small addition of Belgium rock candy, making this beer dark in color, very strong, malty, Complex profile while being incredibly smooth with the warming of above average alcohol. A true local cult favorite! Brewed Seasonally. 9.9% ABV  52 IBUs (Insider News- AKA- Viking Plunder)


Liberator ESB (Extra Special Bitter) This fine ale is brewed to the traditional British ESB style, which has been a bit of a lost style in America, but lately has been making a comeback in the American taste profile. This Ale will become one of our flagship products and is brewed with specially malts from England and the US, utilizing locally grown hops from Lincolnville, and a true British ESB yeast strain make this beer to style, amber in color, with a slight upfront malty profile and a wonderful hop to malt balance that finishes with a slight bit of hop bite. The addition of local specialty malts used during the mash adds a special velvety smoothness to this unique style. A very popular style of Beer in The UK to this day and during Americas and Britain’s united fight for Freedom. 5.4% ABV  33 IBUs.


Desert Queen- Named after The Extraordinary Gertrude Bell Recruited by American and British intelligence to obtain crucial information and mapping of enemy locations in the desert.  This French style Saison style Ale is truly a unique seasonal Ale, brewed with a combination of Pilsner Malt, white wheat malts and Saaz hops with the addition of pure Blue Agave Nectar, Fresh Lime peels, and a touch of sea salt late in the boil, your palette will love you for life!!. Oh Behave! Need we say more? 6% ABV-24 IBUs


BIG DIPA IPA- A double IPA version of our Frozen on the stick IPA, using a double mash profile and creative dry hopping, creates a very full-bodied IPA with an incredible complex layered hop profile while still balancing the Hop to Malt profile, the complex mash profile and multiple hop additions along with longer cold conditioning times create a wonderful double IPA with complex characters while creating a smooth drinkable finish. If you have a hop addiction, this beer is definitely for your palette. 8.8% ABV  133 IBU’s. Big and Juicy!

Lindsey Street Lager-Named after Lindsey St. in Rockland, the home of Rockland's original water company, now a pub and historic Inn. A true traditionally brewed Amber style Lager, cold fermented, clean and crisp, slight hop bite with a clean finish. The use of specialty Pilsner malts along with special Munich malts and Nobel family of hops give this Lager an amazingly smooth palette and unique drinkability. sure to be a summer favorite.4.8% ABV -32 IBUs.

Riveters Lager- A tribute to Rosie the Riveter, this American Icon was and always will be a cultural icon of American society, representing the women who worked in factories and shipyards during this time frame, many of whom produced planes, munitions and supplies, the symbol of confidence during Americas involvement in WWII. Rosie the Riveters picture and slogan portrayed America with a WE CAN DO IT ATTUITUDE during a very trying time.  Rosie’s Lager-An American style Lager, light in color yet full-bodied, brewed to true Laagering traditions, using traditional pilsner malts and hops sourced locally in Maine, a true Lager yeast strain used during fermentation creates a smooth popular summer beer, and extremely drinkable. Brewed for those who would consume a mass produced domestic beer but would also prefer a full-bodied  flavor of a craft beer without the bitterness. Smooth! And refreshing! 4.2% ABV -23 IBUs.


HO -HUM BLONDE-Our seasonal low alcohol 3.5% ABV. Blonde Ale, Blonde in color made simply with two types of malt and one hop verity, clean, crisp, with a wonderful palette cleansing finish. A light addition of Lemon Zest peels adds a bit of YING and YANG. Light and refreshing. 3.8% ABV -19 IBUs

Illuminator- An American style Wheat Beer, brewed with 40% wheat malt and 60% Pilsner Malts.
A summer favorite,4.2% ABV-21IBUs
Headwind Scottish Ale- You know what they say about Scottish Ales, IF IT AINT SCOTISH ITS##@#.
Malty, Smooth, Strong. Dark Ale. Sure to tilt ya Kilt!!  ABV 7.2 IBU, s 26
Other hand-Crafted offerings will be available as one offs in limited supplies thought the year -keep your peeps glued to our web site and visit us frequently, you never know what we will have for a limited specialty. Please join us for our limited release Tasting Room events.
Live Long and Drink Craft Beer!!
Liberator Brewing Company. Proud Brewers of Small Batch Hand Crafted Ales and Lagers. 
 We will Never Surrender ! 
Rockland ,Maine. a Picturesque amazing city laced with 
Breweries, Schooners, Unique Restaurants with an Art Museum problem.
The Gold coast of Maine

 Enjoy our fun, educational friendly atmosphere and hand crafted  Ales and Lagers, than please enjoy all the Midcoast region has to offer, Rockland and Midcoast Maine is a magical place, laced with many unique restaurants, Craft Brewerys, Art Gallery's, such as the Wyeth Center, Farnsworth Art Museum, Maine Contemporary Art Museum and many more, visit our historic schooners,grab a growler of beer and take a day sail, experience the many islands off the main land ,see whales, Porpoise, Dolphins and Puffins. Rockland has many Amazing festivals, The North Atlantic Blues Festival, The world famous Lobster Festival and The Maine Boats and Harbors Festival just to name a few, all happening right across the street form our brewery at the public landing. Rockland 'features farmers markets,  Art Museums, Art walks, and our very own Transportation Museum in Owls Head, only minutes from our Brewery.

Most  within walking distance

from our brewery, with plenty of down town parking. Currently there are over 100 Craft Brewerys in the State of Maine ,and growing every month! take  the day or two and visit them , many within a short drive from Rockland, pick up the Maine Beer Guide available at our brewery, for more info and directions. And do not forget to visit our many amazing historic

operating lighthouses ,The ROCKLAND BREWATER and our very own light house museum. 

Take in the magic of our amazing city located on the historic gold coast of Maine in the Midcoast Region.

We truly live in a great state of Craft Beer !

“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it”  Winston Churchill.



Our Menu-Light Fare

Our Light Fare Menu

All our light fare is prepared and supplied from locally sourced Artisans ,restaurants and cafes in Rockland and the Mid-coast Region . Here is a sample of our   menu.  Enjoy !

We also have a selection of wines by the glass or bottle along with  Hard Seltzers. Maine Mules, Rouge Spirits, Hard Ciders, and Maine made Sodas.

ok ,ok its on to the food*-

 2-Fresh Baked Bavarian pretzels with mustard .  .


Corn chips and fresh made salsa ( Gluten free).

 Yummy chicken tenders.


Pork or veggie egg rolls with dipping sauc


​​PIZZA-8 "  personal cheese  Pizzas  plain or pepperoni.



 We also serve a selection of Wines, Hard Seltzers, Maine Mules along with Root Beer and NA Beer . 

Well don't butter my ass and call me a Biscuit!

KEEPING IT FRESH-KEEPING IT LOCAL.   -Check our web page for beer/food events or call for info.

"You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline. It helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer." Frank Zappa."


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